Medical Assistant/X-Ray Certified

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Medical Assistant/ X-ray Certified

Department:               Urgent Care Center

Job Summary:            Assists providers and manages clinical functions in the department

Reports to:                 Office Supervisor

Position Level:           6



Essential Functions of the Position:

  • Completes the start of day processes
    • Unlocks cabinets and doors
    • Powers up equipment
    • Logs on all work stations in exam room and work area
    • Sets up medical supplies and equipment for the day
  • Properly room patients
    • Takes and records vitals
    • Updates IEHR (allergies, medications, history, etc.)
    • Assists in following appointment schedule
    • Prepares exam room
    • Prepares patient for examination or treatment
    • Obtains informed consents and ABN as necessary
    • Flags provider when patient is ready
    • Properly documents patient chief complaints and medical history
    • Proper ordering of x-rays in RIS system per physician protocol
    • Applies braces and splints as ordered by physician
  • Assists provider during examination and with treatment
    • Administers injections and immunizations and records them in IEHR
    • Obtains consents
    • Prepares specimens and requisitions for lab courier
    • Performs tests
    • Obtains prescription overrides and prior authorization when needed
    • Distributes, reviews, and teaches patient education
    • Assists provider with completion of forms requested by patients
    • Makes sure all ordered labs have been preformed and results are present
    • Enters charges for services rendered by the medical assistant
    • Addresses and handles all tasks, as well as monitoring provider’s tasks
    • Returns messages
    • Notifies patients of test results and instructions from provider
    • Schedules follow up appointments
    • Enters referral information into the Practice Management System for referral tracking
    • Makes follow up calls to check on patients post procedure as indicated by provider or office protocol
    • Triages patient calls and needs
  • Phlebotomy
    • Properly identifies patient at draw point
    • Verify orders and requisitions match, checking all tests
    • Uses proper phlebotomy technique
    • Ensures ABN is properly filled out and signed
    • Uses Personal Protective Equipment when performing venipuncture
    • Properly prepares specimens for transport.
    • Labels specimens properly
    • Supplies proper information on requisitions pertaining to draw such as Date, time, initials, number and type of tubes drawn
    • Properly interprets orders
    • Able to draw 6 patients an hour (35 to 40 patients per day)
    • Rarely needs a butterfly to draw patients. (Ask assistance before using a butterfly)
    • Properly spin down specimens when needed, checking for fibrinogen and clots
    • Pour off any specimens needed for special transport tubes
    • Prepare specimens for transportation with couriers
    • Properly files daily requisitions
    • Pull blood for any add on testing
  • Performs Radiology Studies
  • Secures confidence of patient during procedure by screening for relevant medical information, explaining procedures, correctly positioning patients for desired results, and cushions and shields patients as appropriate.
  • Positions patients correctly for high quality views and varies position as necessary to adjust for patient’s medical condition and abilities. Adjusts all operator controllable parameters of the equipment ensuring that the portion of the body specified receives correct calculated exposure.
  • Ensures control over operator selectable parameters to customize the images in areas being examined and for pathology to be ruled out while minimizing radiation exposure.
  • Retrieves patients from exam room and escorts patient back to exam room when exam is complete, retrieves images in Digital Radiology System and has exam pulled up and ready for provider to view.
  • Maintains records of patients treated, examination performed, scans taken, etc., and maintains permanent record.
  • Evaluates quality of images and reports deficiencies appropriately.
  • Submits charges for procedure performed.
  • Completes the end of day processes
    • Maintains medical equipment; ensures all equipment is calibrated, cleaned, sterilized and charged
    • Organizes and maintains sample and supply closets
    • Collects red bags as necessary
    • Monitors and replaces sharps containers when needed
    • Stocks exam rooms
    • Cleans and sanitizes exam rooms
    • Empties HIPAA container into destruction bin
    • Logs off of all work stations including exam rooms
    • Locks all cabinets
    • Ensures all Labs are picked up


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Maintains an organized and clean work area
  • Participates in maintenance of clinical supplies
  • Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned


Physical and Mental Demands:

  • Physical requirements
    • Able to stand or walk for long periods
    • Use of proper body mechanics
  • Normal concentration and normal complexity of decision making
  • High level verbal and written communication skills
  • Above average ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously


Occupational Exposure:

  • High risk exposure to bloodborne pathogens and chemical hazards


Job Qualifications:

  • High school graduate or GED equivalent
  • Completion of Medical Assistant program
  • Current Florida license in Basic Radiology
  • Strong team player
  • Strong computer proficiency
  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Must be available to work Monday - Sunday 8AM-8PM as needed
  • Must be available to work Holidays as needed
  • One year of medical office experience is preferred but not required



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